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This is an archive of sorts, housing most of the old pictures that I do not like, but once did, and therefore do not have the heart to destroy.  ("DESTROY!!!  DESTROY, I SAY!  Bwa ha ha!!!"  "Quiet, EvilJo."  " ... ok" )

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Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, and Freakaoid

Pinky and Phar

And here we see the object of Pinky's affection.  I wish it were possible for mice and horses to fall in love in real life, because that would just make the world better...somehow.

Many Minervas Playing Bass

Here are a bunch of sketches of Minerva playing bass guitar...

  Computer-Generated Brain

Eep!  I drew and colored the Brain on the computer!  The world is ending!

"He Was Some Kinduva Mouse"

Billie wistfully thinking of Pinky from "Brain Noir"

Dot and Russell Crowe

Its Dot and the Gladiator!

 Pinky's In Luv

An old sketch I just rediscovered...Pinky is too cute sometimes...Dot better watch out.

Bathing Beauty Minerva

I experimented with a new style for Minerva.  I rather like how it turned out.

Space Rita

I got a request for Rita to kick butt in a space suit.

 Yakko Listens

Torso shot of Yakko listening to a kickin' CD.

Many Dots With Scissors

A bunch of sketches of Dot with a pair of scissors.

Pinky's Sister

Pinky gives his beloved "sister" (you know, the one from "The Family That Narfs Together Poits Together) a warm embrace.

Brain Is Such A Critic

I was experimenting further with computer shading, and it turned out so crummy that it seemed like Brain was reacting to it.   So I went with it.

Dr. Yakko  

Yakko gives Dr. Scratchansniff some friendly advice.

Yakko's An' Ol' Cowhand  

Yakko as the roughest, toughest, cowpoke in town. But he's still creamy nougat on the inside. :)

Psychedelic Warners

The Warners as hippies. I dig Yakko here.

Sweet Rita Rita looking contented.
Mood Indigo Minerva She was in this costume in "No Face Like Home", and it was really cute on the screen, but I fudged it up when I tried to reinvent it on paper.

Cease, Demon!  

The Brain with unusually large ears and a blue jacket stopping Pinky from doing something. I think I had planned dialogue to go along with this, but I never got around to it apparently.

The Bathrobe  

Can't Minerva ever get any privacy?

The China Doll  

Dot Warner is the Doll Of China. Even though I drew chopsticks in her hair for some odd reason, I still really like this picture.

Wakko's Dreams  

What exactly is Wakko dreaming about? Yakko has a clue...

Minerva's Diary  

This is Minerva writing in her diary. This picture has one of my more successful backgrounds.

Das Franken-Varners 

The Warners dress up like "Frankenstein" characters. I really like this one.

It's FreakaDot!  

Dot and Freakazoid make a cute couple, don't they?

Young Miss Squirrel  

Slappy and Skippy look through an old picture album.

Hellooo Nurse!  

Yakko and Wakko melt for Hello Nurse

Generation Warner  

The Warners paint a mural. This is definitely one of my favorites. Yakko is *so cool*. But so are Wakko and Dot...of course!

Just A Gigolo  

Yakko is a 40s style bass player, breaking the hearts of poor unsuspecting swooning bobby soxers.

Freakazoid & Handman  

Freakazoid and his faithful sidekick, Handman.

Dot of Arabia  

Dot in her Barbara Eden suit.

I Wish...

Wakko wishes...This is another of my definite favorites. Maybe my favorite picture ever.

Jukebox Saturday Night  

Dot sings her heart out. I love this one!


The Warners are caught in 18th century France, during the bloody revolution. But there's a bright side to everything!

Bevatron Particle Accelerator

The Brain courts his fair lady Billie.

Oh, Behaaave!  

Wakko in his shaggadellic sixties threads. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Lullaby On A Moonbeam  

Dot is rocked to sleep on a moon. I think this one is adorable!

Whatever Happened To Baby Brain?  

Brain is a real cutey patootie! 

Slappy At Dawn  

Slappy Squirrel ain't your morning person

Mock Model Sheet  

The Warners are the very model of cartoon individuals

One Perfect Rose  

Dorothy Parker wrote this poem. I liked a lot, and thought it was a perfect vehicle for Minerva. So...

Swing Time!  

The Warners are hep to the jive!

Trapped Rita  

Rita is cornered; trapped like a rat! This is one of my best pictures.

Are The Animaniacs Gods?

Here are several members of the Animaniacs cast (and Freakazoid) posing atop Mount Olympus.


I really love the cartoon "When Rita Met Runt"

Dot the Flapper

Dot as a 1920s shimmy dancer

Pinky, Phar, and Intolerance

Love between a mouse and a horse can transcend all speciel boundaries; a concept very few comprehend.

Mink of the Nile

Minerva Mink of ancient Egypt. I doodled the weirdest stuff in chemistry class.

Pillow Talk

Minerva on the phone. This is a cute one!

This Pun For Hire  

I love that cartoon so much I had to draw it. It's a decent picture, or was at one point.

Sad Dot  

Dot sadly gazes at her reflection.

Save The Sibs  

This is one I did after I heard about Animaniacs' cancellation, and was revved up to do something about it. Its still a nice thought.

Yakko Directs!

Yakko as a director, pleased with the script.
Newt Smitten With Minerva No wonder! Just what on earth is she wearing, anyway?
 Minerva's Gonna Be A Supermodel  Minerva Mink in maroon blouse and black skirt, on her toes and looking miffed.
Minerva Grable Minerva Mink in Betty Grable's famous pin-up pose.  (I messed up royally on this one as well)

Don't Cry...  

My idea of the Warners' ultimate reaction to the cancellation of Animaniacs.

Great Depression  

Yakko Warner is depressed. I liked this one so much I salvaged it from my chemistry notes.

Yakko's Day Off  

Yakko lounges in the pool during spring break.

The Slappy Squirrel Nut Zippers  

I got my hands on a Squirrel Nut Zippers bumper sticker and I was compelled to do this picture.
Gypsy Rose Mink  Here's Minerva in a costume from the musical "Gypsy". I sorta ruined it though...

Greetings From Brainainia!  

Ned Limpopo and Hassan Lembecke of Brainainia salute you in this "postcard".

Chief Yakkatan, Proud & Strong  

Yakko from "Jokahontas"


I like Yakko. Can ya tell?

Marilyn MonDot  

Dot as Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch"

Men In Tights

The Warners take ballet.

Obey Brain!  

Ten out of ten doctors agree; obey Brain for better health!

Walking After Midnight  

Minerva goes for a moonlit stroll. This one I saved from my algebra notes. Why is it that I never do good drawings at my drawing board?

Freakazoid's Papaya Blitz  

Freakazoid drowns his sorrows in papaya juice, from "And Fanboy Is His Name"

Pillow Wars  

Why slumbers parties don't happen often in the watertower

Sad Freakazoid

Freakazoid looks at you sadly.

Love Bug Vaccine  

Wakko, Dr. Scratchansniff, and Hello Nurse. I could have done a lot better on this one.

The Vulture  

Ha HA! Take that, Jamie Killner!!!!

Beach Hello Nurse

One of my friends wanted to see a picture of Hello Nurse in a bathing suit, but beach or no beach, Hello Nurse can't leave her profession behind.

Another Bomb For The WB

Slappy serves the Warner Bros. Executives their long-deserved come-uppance in this sloppy picture.

Yakko & Dot:  Sibling Rivalry  

Yakko and Dot in a quarrel, very much like "I'm Mad"
Ice Cream Memory Dot enjoyed sherbert some summer ago..
"Tell Me The Story" Of *course* I had to do something with this scene from "Wakko's Wish".  Its phenomenally cute.  I didn't ink or color this one because it doesn't measure up close to TMS anyway, and if I messed with it, it would probably look even worse.
IQ: Magazine for Modern Mice The Brain's latest plan for world conquest.  (Yes, yes, I know the joke is very lame and so is the picture.  Are you surprised?  Didn't think so. ;)
A Bland Ol' Dot A colored Dot sits on a black-and-white contour sidewalk, looking very bored with the scenery.
Sailor Minerva? I got a request to draw Minerva as Sailor Venus, but I accidentally drew her as Sailor Jupiter (really, is there a difference??).  As much as I despise that show, I like this picture. 
Yakko Returns to Sorrento I was listening to that great Italian song, and this image just popped into my mind for some reason.  I figured Yakko should get a rapier to go along with his rapier-like wit. Engine knock.  Anyway, this picture was really quickly done and I'll probably re-do it soon.
'Net Blithers A peek through the Warner's computer screen; Wakko and Dot warn Yakko about what he may see on the internet.
Boogie Woogie Bugle Warners Wow, have I ever been working on this one for months!  Actually, not really..I just started it months ago, lost it, then found it and finished it.  Its crummy, but I don't care, I'm finished with it!  Woo!  It has just about every Animaniacs character in it.  Perhaps in WWII, the cast would have had a "V For Victory" type show going on.  Who knows?  I like Pinky and Phar here.

The Roulette Wheel Of Morality  

The Warners high tail it to Monte Carlo

Poor Pinky  

Pinky is worried

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Control Phreak News Control Phreak is a character I designed for a company called Sundance Digital.  In this ad, he will give Ted Koppel a run for his money.
Phreak Conductor This little series of Phreaks from my last Sundance assignment.  I've never completely drawn (or at least traced a drawing) and colored a picture on the computer to my satisfaction before this.  Now I know who to do it!  Whee.
Indiana Jones Phreak This did not turn out even half as jawesome and it should have.
Vegas Phreaks The only one I like is the Elvis CP, but the other two are nice from a distance.
Antique Phreak Control Phreak heads up to the Antiques Roadshow in this ad.
Stranded Control Phreak Control Phreak is kinda cute here, although I fudged on his hands.
CP, P.I. This could have been better, but I know what to do next time I attempt an ink drawing with lots of shadows.
Phreak Poses Some basic poses of Control Phreak..sketchy.
Night Cat A sketch I had for a long time and finally did in charcoal. Man, it is old.
  Too Early For Valentine's Here is a comic featuring Jo The Freakazette and a re-vamp of an earlier character; Schmuck Warner. 
Still Too Early For Valentine's Day Jo has a revelation about Schmuck Warner.
Too Early For Groundhog's Day Even! Not pretty enough, ay?  Jo'll show that Schmuck what for!  (Thanks for the neato torpedo title, Becky! Three Sixty! ;o)
  Too Early For Translation Thats love for you.  Its creeps up on you, pounces, and then never calls again...
 Always Too Early For Valentine's Day Schmuck and Jo have the "talk".  Won't this ever end?  Maybe it just did.


Now Jo draws.

Jo: Compooter Cullered! I did two Jo The Freakazette pictures specifically to be used on the web, perhaps you've noticed them!  But here they are a bit bigger so you can see in full detail my artful mastery of digital rendering.  (Please note the oozing-with-sarcasm tone of voice.)
Jo and Frika Wondering exactly how Jo and Frika are related?  No?  Well, I wasn't gonna tell ya anyhow.  So there.

Smile, Frika!  

Oh my goodness! Frika's *smiling*???

Obbe's "Baptism" Another project from color theory!  (I really liked that class :)  Here a really horrible Obbe enjoying a conspicuously absent rainfall in a big puddle of lake, in harmonious and then discordant colors.  
Organi Zor This is a sketch I made for my buddy Will.  He is notorious for organizing, shall we say, "extracurricular excursions".
Medea, New Design I can't stop thinking about that story!  Here is my latest design for Medea of Colchis.  Still not satisfied though.
Obbe Obbe is a dude I made up to star in a comic strip I want to draw some day..."Obbe's Cure". This is a sort of model sheet for Obbe.
 Sophisticated Lady A sketch I had for a loooong time, and just *like*.  When I drew it, I got it in my head that this was Jean Harlowe, even I know it doesn't remotely resemble her.  One day I'll clean this up better but I'm to pooped now.
The Pinstrip: 1
I'm starting a comic strip, just for fun.  It doesn't make much sense, but its so neat to actually use the characters I've created in some form.
The Pinstrip: 2
Stafford's father is WHAT??!?
The Pinstrip:  3
What does Stafford get?
The Pinstrip:  4
Stafford spells it out for A.P.
The Pinstrip: 5
The narrator emerges.
The Pinstrip: 6
Let's move the story along, Jo...
The Pinstrip: 7
Tiger Rag, my number one hep cat!
The Pinstrip: 8
Meet Mr. Pinster (yes, I changed his name slightly; I like the rhyme better than the Big Bad Voodoo reference)
The Pinstrip: 9
The coincidence of the century
The Pinstrip: 10
@@@hhh I think the comic just started
The Pinstrip: 11
"Boys...do they get better when they get older?"
The Pinstrip: 12
Seeing more red
The Pinstrip: 13
Tiger and Mr. Pinster fight some more.  
The Pinstrip: 14
You probably saw this coming a mile away...
The Pinstrip:  15
Stafford is moon-faced and starry-eyed.  (Mercer talk for "in love")
The Pinstrip:  16
Maybe this story will actually get somewhere!  High hopes!
The Pinstrip:  17
I apologize profusely for the lacking art.  I'm just in a hurry.
  The Pinstrip:  18
Discussing the offer
  The Pinstrip:  19
And the decision.  
  The Pinstrip:  20
Seems like the regular drill for AP.
 The Pinstrip:  21
Stafford feels guilty about AP
 The Pinstrip:  22
Now how did that happen?
 The Pinstrip:  23
This is my favorite strip thus far
The Pinstrip:  24
How much can one fox take?
The Pinstrip:  25
Family issues...of course
The Pinstrip:  26
So much for "I love you, man"
The Pinstrip:  27
I finally discovered ink!
The Pinstrip:  28
Jo The Narrator lives out a dream.
The Pinstrip:  29
Mr. Pinster puts on his happy face.
  The Pinstrip:  30
Who needs a locksmith?
ANIMATION:  Blinkin' Lindy
This extraordinary for me.  Not only does Lindy actually blink, but I created this entirely on the computer; no scanning.


A cutesy girl mouse who I can't really decide on a name for...but this name will do for now.

ANIMATION:  Lindy Hops!
Here's a little pencil animation of Lindy doing some dance step that I intended to be the Charleston. (Bear in mind, this was done before college).
Mr. Pinster and Stafford
Quick sketch of Mr. Pinster and Stafford.

Lindy Hop  

This is Lindy Hop, a jumping jive kangaroo. She is Tiger Rag's dance parter, and swing is her thing.

  SCANTRON This is the second page of a comic book I plan to draw one day featuring SCANTRON, DESTROYER OF WORLDS!  Scantron has just told our fine-haired hero "You may pick your death, either A) being devoured by a carniverous pig monster  B) being diced into pieces by the pincers of a giant cockroach C) being tossed into a bottomless pit of agony and despair or D) having your innards sucked out by various lethal instruments."  Or something like that.
 Major Medic A field nurse I drew on request
 The 2001 RHS Homecoming I guess I'm still in high school (America's only 13th grader) because I did the t-shirt design for the RHS Homecoming this year again!  Couldja die??  Funny story:  apparently I put my friends in this design without knowing it.  People kept pointing to the shirt and asking "Is that so and so and whats his face?" and I said no, and they said, "well it look just like so and so and whats his face!" and I looked at so and so and whats his face and it *did* look like them!  So much for originality! 

Tuck Warner  

 A pal of mine wanted to be turned into a cartoon character, but I really bite at caricatures, so he'll just have to settle for this cross between Yakko Warner and Trent Lane. :)

 Jo Models Two model poses for Jo The Freakazette.
Inkish Girl Head  Now I'm experimenting with ink!  I liked this for a minute and put it up on a whim.
Girl Hair A colored  sketch of a girl putting up her hair.


Medea is a weird girl. She's sort of anime, sort of cartoon, sort of human. She began as a character model for Medea, of the Argonauts, but I doubt Jason would ever fall for this creature.

Frika's Alone Time  

This picture of Frika is really sad.

The Warner Cafe  

Jo enters the Warner Cafe for the first time. It was fun!

The Freakazette & The Mice  

Jo converses with Pinky and The Brain

The Freakazette & The Sibs  

Cruddy picture of Jo the Freakazette and the Warners

More Medea  

Here's a better picture of Medea; in color!

Tiger's Second Verse  

Another model sketch of Tiger Rag. He doesn't look as smug in this one.

Tutu Tango! This colorful character is a latin rhythm representative; very much influenced by Carmen Miranda (who else?).  She is a toucan/parrot/bird thing, and her name is Tutu Tango (let's hope I can't get much cornier than that!) 
Rain-Ready Stafford Stafford is chic in her raincoat of leprechaun shades.
Fashion of the Future I did this picture for my class newsletter.  That's right people; I've gone *published*! :)
Three Faces Here's a piece I did for homework in my art class.  I was working from a picture of me, but it's not a self-portrait, if that makes any sense.  ("But Jo!  It's not a cartoon!")  I know.  I never promised that my whole Sketchpad would be made of cartoons. :)
An Offering Even though this one sucks, I love it very much.  Its a pretty picture if you squint really hard.  It was done on linen board, which my scanner does not agree with, and hence those weird little lines.  Also, I was working from a photo of myself , but its not a self-portrait.   
  The Good Times The logo for my school play (Whee!  I'm in it!...Not the logo; the play I mean! :)
So Long Riverwood... Well, I'm no longer in high school.  <scream> This was the last comic I did for my school paper.  Here's to nostalgia!
Most Boring Novel Here's a funny little picture I did a long time ago for the aforementioned Lit Mag.  It didn't make the cut, though.
No School! Here's another picture I neglected to scan for about six months.  Also for the Lit Mag and didn't make the cut.
Strapping Boy and Girl Here are a few sketches I did on the plane back home.  I bought a Batman comic in the Munich airport so I was trying to draw in that particular style...but sinewy muscle isn't my forte.
 Not Better Than Ezra This is a black cat, but its not Ezra, who is my black cat.

Tiger Rag  

Tiger Rag, my number one hep cat! He was inspired by Hobbes and a Louis Armstrong riff. :)

Hey Mr. Pinstripe!  

Mr. Pinstripe is a dark and rather rakish fox who I made up while listening to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies.

Jo The Freakazette

Jo the Freakazette is my signature character. Not too original, I know...but this was the best I could do.

Dance, Kids, Dance!  

Tiger and Lindy cut themselves a slice of rug.

Medea Sees Jason Okkay, this was an experiment, and I hate how it turned out.  Its supposed to be Medea laying her eyes upon Jason for the first time, and falling in love...but its a nine-piece meal of Crappy McCrappets.  The reason I'm posting it is so my nice pictures will look even more nicer (*weee-ooo!*  This is the Grammar Police!  Come out with your adjectives up!) by comparison.

The Fire Of Hestia  

Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. This was my first experiment with pen shading. It was really irritating for me because...well, it's hard! And because I can't draw straight lines to save my life. Nevertheless, I like the effects hatching and crosshatching can make.

Psyche Here's a not-quite-as-dismal-failure of an experiment of a similar nature to the above.  It is a portrait of Psyche, the heroine of another of my favorite myths.  

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Warner Cafe

Margaret Mink The stylish wife of Michael Mink Esq., Margaret (also known as "Daisy") possesses telekinetic powers.  Cool, huh?

Emmy Swings  

A requested picture of Emmy in Dot's outfit from another picture of mine, "Jukebox Saturday Night".

The Hobbes Plush  

Emmy cuddles the Hobbes plushie.

Yakko Cheers Up HMC HMC was sad, so she asked me to draw Yakko cheering her up.
Devon This requested drawing is the character of Cherie Fournier, an evil cross between Yakko and a dragon.  ...I seem to be drawing a lot of counterculture Yakko's these days...

Spot Soho  

  This is a requested picture of one of my friend's original characters.

Marvy Emmy  

Emmy Warner as a hippie

Minerva Fan & Minerva  

This is my first picture of Hobbes, way back when he was known as Minerva_Fan.

Emmy Warner  

This is my first picture of Emmy Warner. Her hairstyle has never been the same in any two pictures of mine, and I never intended that to happen! I guess its just one of those things...

Toony Mouse  

My first try at drawing Toony Mouse; (I hope it breaks my off-model curse!)

  Jo learns Italian? Jo learns Italian, to the amusement of Aggie and Federica.
Timmo and Federica! I finally did this one for you, Timmo!
Michael Mink Esq. & Wife I am *so* drawing this thing over...its just pathetic.
Federica Wonders Why Yakko No Like Jo Jo loves Yakko.  But Yakko doesn't like Jo back.  Federica asked why, and here's the answer.
  Timmo's Hair  Egad, I've been drawing Timmo bald all this time!  Bad Jo!  Bad bad Jo!  
KT:  Montrous Kiler Death Turkle Short comic with Jo, KT, and Vipi (Kristi).  The Mike thing is a reference to the picture I just did of him and Margaret, and it was brought to my shameful attention that it looked like he was not wearing a shirt.  Apologies, Mike!
Happy Valentine's Day, Fede! Timmo actually sent Federica chocolates and roses!  Wow!
 Jonathan and Jen Looks like Jonathan the fox has got a Ranma 1/2 things going on!

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Miss Cellany Us

Joker and Harley

Okkay, I've wanted to do a really really good drawing of Joker and Harley for a really really long time, and I accidentally did a really really good sketch of them that I really really overworked and really really could not salvage.  Needless to say, I'm really really disappointed.  Here's another version.

Spongebob SquarePoints

We had a little exercise in pointillism in Color Theory, and I chose Mr.  Spongebob Cutiepants as my subject.

Powerpuff Teens!

I know its schtick, but I was really curious about how the girls would look when they got older!  This is one version I came up with.

Crappy Harley By putting up this crappy Harley, I hope to embarass myself into drawing a better one.

Marvin Martian Cutout

Cutout of Marvin the Martian, YAY.

Harley Quinn Cutout

This was a cutout I made...of....Harley......Quiinnnnn....

Baby Plucky Cutout

Cutout of Baby Plucky. (<--- Best. Description. Ever.)

Bugs and Slappy Sweethearts I can't look at this picture without going "Awwwww...How sweet!"  They really would have made a great couple!
V For Victory  As if the idea of Bugs and Slappy as a couple wasn't weird enough, I figured I needed something even weirder so I sent the rabbit and the squirrel on tour with the Warners during the 1940s to perform in a patriotic WWII play. (Looks like it could have been a neat show!) 

Cyndi Is Transformed  

 One of the pictures I did for a neat story called "Cynderella", by Valerie Kaplan.  (Sorry about the delays, Valerie!  I swear I'll finish these pictures someday! <:o)

Cyndi Watching Seinfeld I *finally* finished these sketches.  How long has it been, two years?  Anyhow, these are the terrible, ugly pictures I drew for Valerie Kaplan's funny story, "Cynderella".
Cyndi Wants to Kill Clarabelle The infamous "poker scene"
Cyndi and "Prince Charming" Here Cyndi gets annoyed by a cleft-chinned galoot
Melody and Minerva Another D-Boy request of his character; this time a short comic strip with an appearance by Minerva Mink
 Ickus and Brain What it is what it says!  This was my part of the picture trade with VeryPinkyGirl.
Doodle Page #1 Sometimes I like my doodles a lot, but they're just not strong enough to ink and color.  I decided to make these big "Doodle Pages" where I clump together a bunch of doodles to make one big picture.  Any kind of character or any variation on any character or any new idea can/might pop up in one of these doodle sheets.  This one is from my math homework.  You can tell from all the graphs.  Featured mostly on this one is Jo the Freakazette.
Doodle Page #2 On this doodle page, see if you can find a Danny-like Yakko, Ariel the mermaid, Desiree Warner, and vampire-like Jo.
Doodle Page #3 This is a "synthesized" doodle sheet.  See if you can spot Nurse Hapless, a surly Stafford, Yakko on the stand, and several Sawyer's.

O Wolfie O  

Tex Avery's "Red"

Dressy Bugs & Slaps  

Bugs and young Slappy dressed up for a night on the town (this is a rather old picture, but still nice I think)

Raining Bugs & Slaps  

The rabbit and squirrel share a hug in a downpour. If I had spent more time on this one, it would have been an awesome drawing.

Dot And Sawyer! I *love* Cat's Don't Dance; I can't believe I waited this long to do a fan art of it!  So here are Dot and Sawyer Cat wearing cute clothes and striking poses.

Better Bugs and Slappy

Its still old, but this is a rather nice picture of Bugs and Young Slaps.

Tamahome and Andrea Cat I finally hooked them up!

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